Friday, January 20, 2012

Dashing Diva's 3D Nail Art

Ok, we’re at the next step when it comes to nail art, 3D art. You’ve probably seen something like the below online or, if you’re lucky, in person. It looks so cool … on someone else and thankfully the DASHING DIVA line has made 3D a little more wearable for us regular people.

Coral nail design(image courtesy of

They just came out with the DesignFX Bling Nail Appliques and already Katy Perry and Queen Latifah have been spotted rocking this Precious Metals design, which I’m showing you here. So easy to apply and so fun! To put on your nails, just visually measure which width will fit the nail you want to put one on, peel it from the plastic backing and apply it to your own nail. Make sure you have cleaned your own nail with rubbing alcohol so there are no oils on it preventing a nice solid adhesion of the appliqué. Here is a tip I learned, if you’re due to trim your nails, apply these first and then trim with a nail clipper, that way you get a nice even adhesion to the nail bed. It was also hard to see where my nail ended and where the appliqué needed to be trimmed off. Maybe that’s just with this design.

Dashing-Diva-DesignFX-Bling-in-Gold Dashing-Diva-DesignFX-Bling-in-Gold-2 Dashing-Diva-DesignFX-Bling-nail-tabsI have to admit, it took a few to get used to having something textured on my nails but I really like it and it looks so unique. And if I have an itch, these make a nice scratcher! I tried to get a close up shot but I'm not the best photographer. Basically, the applique is tiny silver and gold squares and what looks like, a tiny clear plastic blop on top of each square, which is the 3D part.

Dashing-Diva-DesignFX-Bling-in-Gold-design-up-close Dashing-Diva-Design-FX-Bling-thicknessSo how did they last? I’m on day 6 of wearing them and I have a few very small lifts here and there but nothing that ruined the whole look as you can’t really tell I had to trim any extra off in one area that came up. Not surprised that a part lifted and I’m actually surprised more of them didn’t lift as I’m pretty rough on my nails and did not baby them because I had these on.

Right now these are selling for $35 a pack and each pack has 36 appliques, which is a tad steep for something like this but I think it’s worth trying a full set out once and then use the leftovers for an accent nail here and there or maybe on your toes. Or cut them to make a whole new set!

Dashing-Diva-DesignFX-Bling-in-Gold-on-fingersAnd this design can even go over colored polish or the Gel polishes for another unique look.

To remove, just lift from the corner and use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol to get any stickey leftover. Easy! $35 @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.



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