Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake

I’m beginning to think that self-tanners are as personal as foundation when it comes to the colors and if it works for my tone. I can’t think of any one product that has worked for just about everyone except the Proactiv line but I digress.

So how did this one from FAKE BAKE do? Read more after the pic to find out!


Do you think you tan more in the warm months or cooler months? I have to google this because I can think of reasons to do it during both times of the year. Since I don’t sit in the sun and once-in-a-while decide I want some color on my legs and arms, I’m all about the fake color and FAKE BAKE is my latest try. This Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake Airbrush Self-Tanner took me a few to get a good application. Not one for reading directions (I for sure inherited this from my father), I used it a few times before looking up more info about the application and saw what I was holding it too close. The mist should be held 12” to 14” from the skin and I think I might not have been moving quickly enough along the skin.

Fake-Bake-Beyond-Bronze-By-Fake-Bake-swatchesSo finally I got it correct, even though it beaded on the skin when I sprayed it on (I tried rubbing it in and then one leg where I did rub it in and there was only a small color difference with the end result – non rubbed was darker). It uses a “show where it goes” formula giving skin an instant bronzy color, which  developed into a nice tint on my NC30 skin tone but it just didn’t last like this one did. Would I recommend this to you? Probably not. There were just too many details to pay attention to and when you’ve used one that doesn’t have many details, it spoils you. $17.95/7.1oz @

Like yours in a lotion or mousse? Also available from this Beyond Bronze collection is Self-Tan Lotion ($16/5oz) and Self-Tanning Mousse ($14.95/7.1oz).

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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