Thursday, January 19, 2012

So What’s Buxom?

It’s an irresistible lust for life. The idea that aspirations become reality and imagination has no boundaries. Healthy, vivid, sensual … Buxom is makeup you feel. Live Life Vividly.

How many times have you used up a lip gloss? Yeah, not often and I feel bad when I don’t use even half of one up so it’s great to see this coolio set from BARE ESCENTUALS.


BARE ESCENTUALS Buxom Party Central is a party in a box (ok, that was an obvious one) and each night you have a choice of women to choose from: Big & Healthy Babe Lip Polish in Jackie (sheer blushing mauve), Olivia (sheer strawberry icing shimmer), Katie (sheer pink) and Alexa (sheer raspberry sparkle) – all are new shades except Katie.

Bare-Escentual-Buxom-Party-Central-Lips-Gloss-lip-glosses Bare-Escentual-Buxom-Party-Central-Lips-Gloss-Box Bare-Escentual-Buxom-Party-Central-Lips-Gloss-Box-Back Bare-Escentual-Buxom-Party-Central-Lips-Gloss-lip-glosses-up-closeAnd while I’m not the hugest fan of lip glosses because of the non-staying power, these little Lip Polish ditties are hitting a spot, especially the pinky of Alexa. They are pretty sheer overall so you don’t have to make a major commitment like you do with lipstick, and that’s nice sometimes. And these are doing their double-duty goodness by including vitamins A and E inside to keep lips healthy and totally kissable. $28 @


Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.




Alicia Zirjacks

I have always wanted to try this!

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