Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gift Pick - Georgie Beauty Winks by Georgie

Holiday-2011-Product-PickBeauty is just a little more fun since I can apply False Eyelashes almost flawlessly these days. I don’t know why it took so long as it’s so easy! So anytime I come across a line of lashes, I just have to check them out. New on my radar is GEORGIE BEAUTY and their line of Winks by Georgie.


Georgie-Beauty-caseThe three styles were inspired by classic old Hollywood ala Bardot, Monroe and Hepburn – No. 1 La Cherie (the classic lash great for day), No. 2 L’Avant-Gardiste (seductive lashes for the fashion-forward) and No. 3 Lat Starlette (ultimate volume and glamour).

This storage case really kicks this up into a true gift worthy of giving, don't you think?

Georgie-Beauty-up-closeThe way I find lashes easiest to reuse is to apply them after mascara and my eye makeup is all applied.

Georgie-Beauty-Winks-by-Georgie-NoAnd I love that the brand doesn’t test on animals, uses recycled packaging when they can, so these compacts are recyclable. Another interesting trait to note is that the adhesive glue contains dermatologist-tested and botanically infused certified organic chamomile to help soothe the area the lashes sit on. Wow. And the adhesive is free of formaldehyde, parabens and phthalates. All that or rather none of that in this lil’ ol’ adhesive. Love that they are thinking outside the box or rather storage compact. This will make a great gift!

$25/Lash Compact, which contains 1 set of lashes and adhesive glue, $12/Lash Refills and $8/glue refill only @


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