Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dry Shampoo HubBub from Keratin Complex

Keratin-Complex-Dry-Shampoo-Lift-Powder-for-BrunettesDry Shampoos are so in right now with so many brands adding one to their line. Most are colorless and the only one I ever saw that was colored was from Bumble and Bumble a few years ago and it was horrible. It was pretty innovative at the time and came in colors depending on your hair color. I used the one for brunette and the first time I used it, a bunch of it stained my pillow that night. Ugh, yuck, in the trash it went. It wasn’t until now did I even remember it when I received KERATIN COMPLEX Dry Shampoo Lift Powder ($35/9g @ amazon.com) to try. Overall I find dry shampoos akin to sprinkling some talcum powder on my hair and it doesn’t always blend in. With this one, it comes in three shades, brunette, blondes and a white that is neutral. And this one dispenses through a brush so you can buff it into the roots. Love that! And it has a hint of lemon so this of this one like sending your hair out to the dry cleaners, which still attached to your head.



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