Wednesday, October 19, 2011


CoSTUME-NATIONAL-Pop-CollectionIt’s not often that a product’s packaging comes in different colors and in this case, it’s CoSTUME NATIONAL’s Pop Collection Eau de Parfum, which came out a few months ago. While the scent is the same, the actual bottle comes in four different bold colors: blue, orange, red and turquoise. So what color is inside the white box? You won’t know until you get home to open it. Color destiny! The idea was inspired by the group OK GO! “Four sartorial outfits, each of them in a different primary color, creating a look that is minimal and pop at the same time.”

Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry, Cassis Absolute
Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmin
Base Notes: Patchouli Heart, Cashmeran, Ambre Gris

I’m such a sucker for jasmine that I feel like I can try a scent and my nose can usually pick out it’s presence. This has become a fall scent staple for day and night. That’s a rarity. $49.50/3.4oz @


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