Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: Beautisol Summer Glow

Beautisol-Summer-Glow I’m really into self-tanners right now and I kind of know what that girl on MTV’s “I’m Addicted to Tanning” feels like, well, only a little bit. But it’s true, everyone does look a little better with a little color so I’ve been trying quite a few out lately.

One that I’m loving on me bod right now is BEAUTISOL’s Summer Glow Dark Self-Tanning Lotion ($38.95/6oz). It really does look as realistic as it gets! I’ve applied some of this about 6 times now and it really blends nicely and lasts a few days. Like this one, it too contains their Pure Scent odor eliminating fragrance technology, which is supposed to reduce the typical odor by 80%. So while it doesn’t eliminate it altogether and I can still smell it for the first 24-hours, it is worth it for the color it leaves behind.

As a reminder, to get the best out of a self-tanner, you should exfoliate first and the line has a nice one called Go Slough Yourself ($19/4oz), which uses polyethylene beads to do the exfoliating.

Rubber-gloves Overall, when it comes to self-tanners, using rubber gloves is a no-no. I find I simply can’t blend the color into my skin good enough when I’m wearing them. I know, I know, tanner under nails is not sexy but I just make sure I only use my palms when applying. I mean do people really treat tanner like a hand lotion and get it all over when applying? If you do or don’t, just make sure you use a really coarse salt or sugar scrub immediately after applying the tanner with your hands. Have you even had a problem with rubber gloves? Get both products @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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