Monday, July 11, 2011

Ellis Faas – Are You Down with the Click?

ELLIS FAAS just put out Summer Set - an eye, blush and a lippie. The Eye Light (shadow) is E303 bronze, the Blush is S303 bronze and the Glazed Lips is L309 clear. I’m just focusing on the eye and lip since the lippie is just clear.

Pros: I. Love. Their. Shadows! I wrote about this one before and I have to say that this is one of the most pigmented cream shadows I have ever come across and the staying power is bomb. The E303 color is like spun gold so I would use a brush to apply it instead of right from the dispenser.

Ellis-Faas-Light-and-Blush And with the blush, they advise putting a dot of color in the center of the cheek and blending out with fingers. But act quick because it dries quickly!

Ellis-Faas-swatches Cons: I must confess, I am not a fan of these click pens and I know this is part of their whole thing. The blush one took me forever to get going. Click, click, click, must have turned it 80 times before anything finally came out and when it finally did, it spewed up way too much product at one time and it’s not like I can put the product back in to use later. I had this problem last time.

Summer Set is $85 @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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