Thursday, July 21, 2011

BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette

When I first laid eyes on BH COSMETICS88 Color Palette of Standard Matte Eyeshadows, memories of being a teen on Christmas morning came rushing back. Waking up and racing to my stocking nailed to the living room mantel to see what was inside. I would plop on the floor to turn it over and dump out the contents excited at what I might find. Inside were usually various chocolates and candies, a pair of fun earrings, some shiny new pens for school and then the big stuff, a hair bow or some new barrettes, some Chapstick and the obligatory makeup palette. The palette was usually from Walgreens or some other drugstore and the quality was always “eh” at best. Yes, the thought was nice (thanks Santa!) but I was getting to an age where quality was what I was after, so you can probably understand my hesitation with this one from BH Cosmetics.

What I liked just looking at it: the black lacquered container, the sizable mirror inside with two applicator sponges, a ‘best before’ date stamped on the back (I know, how often do you see that on eye shadow?) and the size of each shadow. How many times have you actually used up a whole shadow color? It doesn’t happen that often so I like that they make each about the size of a dime to fit more colors inside.

BH-Cosmetics-88-Palette So now the big reveal. How’s the quality? See for yourself on my fingertips in the picture. Nicely pigmented! So now when I’m looking at a tutorial on YouTube from gurus like JennisseMakeup, QueenofblendingMUA or MichellePhan, I don’t have to worry about not having a color similar to one they are using.

And the price? At $15.16, this is very purse-friendly. If you love makeup, you owe it to yourself to own every color in the rainbow! See this one and more of their palettes @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.




wow! that does look like great eyeshadow!


Hi Trista - the quality really surprised me!

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