Friday, June 17, 2011

Introducing the Travalo

Travalo-Atomizer-3 This is probably the coolest and most useful thing to come along in the world of fragrance in like … forever! If you’ve ever tried to fill an atomizer, then you know what a messy job it can be and in the end, not really worth it. This, however, is the improvement on the already existing type and it changes everything! It’s the TRAVALO Mini Refill Spray and it is a way to take some of your uber-expensive perfume or not travel-friendly bottle with you. See, the fragrance is put in from the bottom as in the bottom of the Travalo is Travalo-demo female so attach it to the male perfume spray head (remove the top nozzle on the perfume) and then pump it over and over to fill up the Travalo. Genius! Filled to the top, it can house 50 sprays (it holds 13 grams) and most importantly, no mess when filling it.

Choose from 6 different colors, Perfect Pink, Simply Red, Sleek Silver, Hot Pink, Jet Black or Bold Gold for $15 @

I’m not sure what the relation of this to the Scent Genie because the color names are the same so maybe this is a rebranding? Hmmm…  

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

5/26/14 - Post update! I have about 4 of these and have filled them with my different scents I like to take with me in my purse. Well I went back to spray some on from one and I noticed there is no more perfume in the atomizer. I checked the others and same. I filled one again to see what happened and same thing occurs about 1 month later. Put perfume in these and it evaporates! Don't buy these. 


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