Monday, June 06, 2011

Will Nutra Nail Fix My Nails?

Nutra-Nail-5-to-7-Day-Growth Quick, what commercial is this from?


Exactly NUTRA NAIL! Now I love a good infomercial but for some reason this one just didn’t resonate with me until now. I think as females we have been pounded over the head that we must have long sexy nails at all times. Well some of us were just not born with them and have had to fake it. ME! I have painted just about everything on them that promises long and strong nails, and with this Nutra Nail you are supposed to use on bare nails, as in no nail polish on your nails! After I read this, I actually took stock and thought, “wow, when was the last time I wore nothing on my nails for more than one day?!” I have always thought that I need to protect them. Protect them from water and “the elements,” so I’ve always worn at least a strengthener on them – Nailtiques to this and many more in between. At this point my nails have nothing to lose!

So how has it been going nude so to speak? Better than I expected. I really do feel like my nails have benefited from this NUTRA NAIL 5 to 7 Day Growth Treatment. I mean, they still bend but they feel somewhat stronger and are not peeling and breaking as much as usual. They say that nails lose moisture everyday so this formula helps replenish it, which helps them grow. Use twice daily and I’m sure you’ll see results too! $5.99 @



Wow! gonna try this. :) So that on my wedding day..:) I do have fabulous nails.

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