Monday, June 20, 2011

It’s a Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude World

Nude for nails is hotter than it’s ever been so here are some I’ve been rockin’ lately!

ZOYA's new Nail Polishes called the Touch Collection was inspired by the runways of NY Fashion Week's Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2011 Collection. From what I saw, nail colors were either a major accessory or kickin' back with the below-type of shades. I'm so into them right now! $10 @

Minka: latte beige cream w/a metallic kiss
Shay – desert rose and beige cream w/a metallic kiss
Pandora – mauve beige cream w/a metallic kiss

CND-Perfectly-Bare-duo The other set of nudes I’ve been wearing are CND’s Perfectly Bare Colour Nail Lacquer and Perfectly Bare Shimmer Nail Lacquer $20 @ These were used on some of the big Spring 2010 Runway Shows as well as lots of other of their colors. The way I’ve been wearing these is to start with the Perfectly Bare color and wear that for a few days and then when I need a change, top each nail with a coat of the Perfectly Bare Shimmer!

CND-Scrub-Fresh And if you are wicked anal about your manicure/pedicure, CND has a Scrub Fresh Nail Surface Cleaner. Yes, the cost of $22.50/8oz seems a tad steep but think of the time you will save fixing your polish when it starts chipping! This stuff helps make sure the nail surface is totally ready for the polish. It has both Isopropyl alcohol and acetone that temporarily dehydrates the nail. It also has quite a few parabens in it, so obviously not the best thing to breathe or use very often, but it really does work.

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


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