Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fragrance Note Highlight: Jasmine

Do you know what you like when it comes to fragrance? I mean, really know what you like and be able to describe to someone in less than 5 sentences? Me either. It’s really hard when it comes to scents and the notes so I am trying to pay attention to the ones I see over and over in scents that I love.

When I created my own a while back, I’m surprised that jasmine was not one of the notes inside of the ones I made as I really love the smell of it. If you learn anything from this post, from what I’ve gathered, the jasmine note tends to be nestled in the middle of a scent. Will you be trying any of these out in the near future?

BVLGARI Mon Jasmine Noir eau de parfum ($80/1.7oz, $105/2.5oz @ kohls.com) – look for citruses and lily of the valley as the top notes that dry down to a musk/patchouli/Virginia cedar/Nougat base with the aforementioned jasmine resting in the middle.

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KENZO L’Eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme Wild Edition ($55/1.7oz @ ice.com) – if you like your florals with a touch of fruit, this might be one to try. This eau de toilette has top notes of mandarin orange, ginger and white peach, middle of rose, lily of the valley and jasmine on a base of musk. Also available in one Pour Homme (for men).

JENNIFER ANISTON Eau de Parfum Spray ($18/2.9oz @ target.com) – I didn’t want to like this. I. Really. Didn’t. Want. To. Like. This. Why? Solely because it’s put out by a celebrity. Does that make me shallow? So be it! Anyway, I hate that I like it but I do. I’d describe this one as a clean floral and has top notes of rose and citrus, middle of violet, lily, jasmine and a dry down of musk, sandalwood and amber.


Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.



I know some of the scent notes I like, mostly because I'll read scent notes for my favorite perfumes and see the same ones crop up. My absolute favorite perfume is Hugo Boss Deep Red. I do like jasmine, and I think I have a simple version of it from The Body Shop.


Hugo Boss Deep Red? I'll have to give it a sniff. Thanks Phyrra!

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