Thursday, June 02, 2011

Swatch Heaven with Ellis Faas

Ellis-Faas-container-and-shadows It was love at first site with this ELLIS FAAS Milky Eyes shadow in E205 ($36 @ Not only is it thee perfect mushroom grey color but the staying power is ta-dow!

First, a little about the line as it’s pretty unique. Ellis Faas is a professional makeup artist that wanted to solve the “handbag jumble” by creating a portable makeup holder with each product, with the exception of the powders, coming in a pen or bullet type form. And all of them fitting in a custom overall container shown here. Coolio!

They call the Milky Eyes shadow colors a more translucent shadow than the Creamy Eyes ones but I can’t imagine the one I tried anymore creamy, really. Like I said above, this E205 is really nice and stays on quite a long time. And while it is great to use the spongy tip to apply this one to the lid, I would use another small eye Ellis-Fass-Milky-Eyes-swatch brush to work it in and fade it at the brow bone.

The only downside seems to be the clickers on these pens. You’re probably familiar with the basics of one of these as they use them a lot in concealers. At first you have to click-click quite a bit to get it to come up to the top and you’re never really sure when it is going to seep through. I’ve used this shadow a few times and it is quite unpredictable in that I click-it a few times and nothing but wait more than 20 seconds or so and through one of the 5 pin holes, a half inch line of color will come spewing out. Eh, the things we go through for beauty!

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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