Monday, May 30, 2011

Qtica Keeps Nails in Tip Top Shape

Qtica-Solid-Gold-Cuticle-Oil-Gel Since I've been actively trying to get my right thumb nail to fix itself (I have a split in the middle that won't heal and has been like this for the past 3+ years. I’m guessing it’s from acrylic nails), I finally went to see a dermatologist to see what the dilly. He said it’s called nail dystrophy and is caused by trauma to the cuticle. Ok, but how is it fixed? I did some research online and ew, not a pretty sight to google “split nail causes,” or “nail trauma,” as you can guess. Some causes of nail problems are nail fungus, which is pretty common, even in the fingernails.

After my derm assured me that my thumb did not have a fungus and this was not the cause and that yes, it probably was caused by acrylics, I felt the need to find something to apply to my other nails, just to be sure. Again, eww. From our friends at QTICA is their Solid Gold Anti Bacterial Oil Gel and this one is a combo anti-bacteria formula and cuticle oil in a sanitary clear tube. Rice bran, almond and jojoba oils as well as tangerine, peppermint and tea tree. Just be careful you don’t rub your eyes after applying this on your cuticles as the peppermint doesn’t feel good in the eyes! $11/.5oz, $19.99/1.7oz @


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