Friday, May 06, 2011

It Sparkles, It's Beauty and It's from Judith Leiber

I think every female that’s into sparkly products has long desired one of the most sparkly of them all, the  JUDITH LEIBER line. I know I have! Like a lot of the big designers, I may not be able to afford one of her bags but since some put out more affordable things with their name on it, that’s what I’ll be coveting for now. This fragrance is called Night and I think this is made for a very specific nose (this is one occasion where I wish you could smell through the monitor!).

JudithLeiberFlacon-Solo-Glamour Here’s the deets:

Night Eau de Parfum is described as an Oriental with notes of bergamot, black cinnamon, passion peonies, night blooming jasmine, all on a bed of caramelized amber, patchouli and creamy woods. Yup, it’s pretty potent.

This is one of the most confusing scents I have come across in some time. I like it, but not every time I smell it or rather, it’s not for every occasion. Yes, it’s definitely a nighttime scent but which season would it be best for? It just came out this past Spring so they(it) must feel it suits the season but I don’t think I wholeheartedly agree.

On the other hand, if this one resonates with you full time, I’m sure you will get complements left and right because it will take a strong woman to pull this one off.

And since Ms. Leiber is so known for her purses, you know that the container it comes in had to be well thought out and very Leiber!  They say the flacon was inspired by art deco designs for the Leiber collection of evening bags and of course it is adorned by Swarvoski crystals. $175/2.5oz, $115/1.3oz @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.


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