Tuesday, September 07, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection

What It Is: Catty remarks seem to be compulsory at the couture shows, but Fall 2010 is a slinky, seductive new take on feline fabulousness. Introducing three debut colour collections – a meow mix of sorts – all purr, cuddle and caress one minute … then suddenly, darting danger!

A kind of sophisticated intellect that instinctively knows how to be elegant, then purrrrfectly pounces! Inspired by the patterns, shades and textures of three of our favourite pedigreed cats – the chocolate lynx Burmese, leopard-like ginger Ocicat, and aristocratic Russian Blue. Cat fanciers know these Fabulous Felines are endlessly fascinating.

Wanna see the picks? Click after the pic!



MAC-Superslick-Liquid-Eye-Liner-in-On-the-Hunt-and-Marked-for-Glamour My take: I hate to start a review with a negative but why does MAC have to put out multi-leveled collections? I can barely keep up with them coming at us twice sometimes more a month! And when it comes to these three lines in a collection, less is more.

So onto the positive! The one product I am loving is the new Superslick Liquid Eye Liner! I mean, once the color is on, it ain’t budging! The wand is really easy to handle and the tip that's soaked in color is dome shaped so it’s easy to get a thin line or thicker line. Color picks are Marked for Glamour – mid-tone grey w/soft pearl (beautiful!) and On the Hunt – true, and I mean true, black, both from the Leopard Luxe Collection.

I know I usually do a full run down of the overall collection but this was just overwhelming and to tell you the truth I just didn’t get the overall color story but know that I'm a total cat person! Pick yours up @ maccosmetics.com

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided to Cybelesays.com for review purposes



I think the liquid eyeliners look awesome.


Oh, gorgeous, I want those eyeliners so bad.


Hi, that black might be the blackest liquid liner I have ever seen!!

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