Friday, August 20, 2010

MAC Digi-Dazzle Collection


What It Is: We took out the razzle, kept the dazzle, and added a hint of glee! Thirteen colours to astonish, awe and electrify the lippiest critic. A limited-edition collection that makes boredom and predictability a thing of the past. What modern lips do best: Digi-Dazzle. Do you compute?


Wanna see the picks? Click after the pic!



MAC-Digi-Dazzle-Lipstick-in-Wham My Take: I’m surprised they put a whole collection out with just these MAC Lipsticks with shimmer in them, though I am liking them so far.  And the two that I tried were pretty sheer unlike the pictures so unless you like being surprised, I would try these in person. The plum brown of Wham looks really dark in the tube but it’s a really pretty light brown with gold and copper glitter. Choose from 13 colors.


$14 @


Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided to for review purposes.




I picked up Naughty You, described as a neon pink, but it's really a gorgeous bright light pink on me.

I like this collection. It's neat.


Hi Phyrra - I'll have to check out Naughty You. I bet it's the same brightness as the Dare To Wear Lip Glass. Man is that one bright!!

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