Friday, July 23, 2010

Makeup that Doesn’t Move


What’s the point of even putting any makeup on if it’s just going to slide off after an hour. I’ve search high and low for the ones that really keep in place and below is the list I’ve come up with. Let me know if you have any other recommendations!


STILA Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner ($20 @ – this stuff doesn’t budge, doesn’t budge and doesn’t budge! Choose from 8 colors. Highly recommended.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream ($22 @ – I wrote about these when they debuted at The Makeup Show a few months ago and I still can’t get enough of them, especially when making my shadow stay for a long period of time. And the brightness of #21 Turquoise is just so refreshing.


BLINC Kiss Me Mascara ($25 @ – this is my favorite mascara of all time and I’ve tried probably 100 or so at this point. This won’t come off until you take it off yet it’s not waterproof, which is so hard to take off!


SEPHORA Lush Flush Lip & Cheek Stain in Red Wine ($12 @ – hair is flying around and strands flying into lips with gloss or lipstick is just not sexy. Stain ‘em instead!


NYX COSMETICS Fabulous Lashes ($4.50 @ – so many different styles to wow your peepers with and these won’t melt off! Shown here in #119 Gorgeous.


Disclosure: Some of these items were provided to for review purposes. Some I bought.




The turquoise aqua cream is hypnotic!


Hi Phyrra - that's my favorite color of the lot. Love brights!

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