Thursday, July 29, 2010

LUSH Turkish Delight Isn't Candy

Lush-Turkish-Delight This Turkish Delight from LUSH has really thrown me (I vaguely remember the candy, btw). They call it a Body Polish but it’s more of a glorified soap or body wash and I didn’t feel any granules in it nor did I see any exfoliating ingredients, except salt about half way down. Hmmm. It kind of reminds me of this one because it is a solid milky, pink in this case, color and not at all like the texture I am used to from a body polish. It kind of looks like a shiny cake frosting! Anyway, the first ingredient in this is rose water and mmm, what a great scent that is! I have had this one sitting on my desk for about 1 week now to write up and everytime I see it, I have to open and get a sniff!


It’s soap-based and is also made with jasmine, almond oil and cocoa butter among others. $29.95/7oz @


And don’t forget about their recycling program – bring back 5 black pots (like this one comes in) and get a free fresh face mask.


Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided to for review purposes.



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