Friday, June 18, 2010

Update Your Hair Tools with These Approved Beauties

There have been some developments in the hair tools category in terms of making them more user-friendly. Here are three that are rockin' my strands right now.


KWOF Series Finishing Iron ($189.99 @ – this one is designed to give your wrist a break! The plates are at a 30° angle so you can still get stick straight hair but without tiring out your hands. And like every good flat iron should, this one uses Ceramic and Tourmaline Plates to help seal the cuticle and make hair shiny.

Wanna see more? Click the link after the pic!



WHITE SANDS Curling Iron ($110 @ – this is their first venture into hair tools and I wouldn’t expect anything typical from this brand. Like the above, this one takes into consideration, your hand and wrist and makes wrapping the hair easy. I had to watch their video on it to really understand how this works. Choose from three sizes – 1”, 1.25” and 1.33”


Infiniti by Conair Your Curl
($44.99 @ – when was the last time you saw a hair stylist use a traditional curling iron with the clamp? They all seem to like to wrap the hair around the barrel instead of using the clamp and now you can too. This one has a cone-shape barrel where you simply wrap a section of hair around the barrel for a few seconds and voila. This one has five different heat settings on it and I recommend using a protection glove on the hand you are using to wind the hair. I’ve burned myself using these quite a few times and feel it is a must. This one doesn’t come with one but you can get one at beauty supply stores nationwide.



Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided to for review purposes.



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