Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Special Report: Cybelesays @ The Makeup Show

The Makeup Show just came through LA the last two days and this show is always pretty fun to walk. The people and their done up faces and the body art that some showcase. It's really a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!



Since I’m all about unearthing the new and latest products, that’s what I hunt for at these shows. Here are some highlights:


SMASHBOX is just coming out with two new products, the Hyperlash Mascara and Heartbreaker Liquid Liner Pen, which I wrote about last week here. I’m not sure when the Hyperlash is coming out so I’ll let you know.


OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS debuted four new colors of their Lip Tar.

Show sponsors MAKE UP FOR EVER had a few new items showcased. The HD Microfinish Blush, Gold Icone collection - all highly pigmented gold pots and some even sold out in the first day! What I was most excited about from the brand was their new Aqua Cream Waterproof Cream Colors. I picked up Shade 1, a smoky grey and Shade 5, a peachy nude. I am lusting after this blue one 21 shown in the picture. Maybe someday. All last night I kept running my finger over my hand where I swatched and these just don’t budge!

Mai-Couture In continuing my hunt for new, I came across a new company altogether called MAI COUTURE. This company puts out face blotting papers but not just any blotting papers. These are like the Rolls Royce of blotting papers!  They have one that gives the skin a little bronze while you blot. So eliminate the oil on your face while adding a little color and there are two different shades to choose from. They also offer Blush Papers and Refreshing Oil Blotting Papers. Prices range from $22.75 for refills that contain 100 sheets up to $39 for the whole kit and caboodle. Seems a little pricey but the wallet you carry them is real quality. And just think about how many times you've gone in your bag looking for your pack o' papers only to come up with them in your hand bent, smeared with who-knows-what or even ripped. The case keeps them all pristeen. 


Another new line just making its debut in the States from Poland is the INGLOT line. They have a full line of makeup, nail polishes, brushes, everything really. The flagship store is in Times Square and hopefully they will be expanding. The items really looked fab but I didn’t have a chance to try any.


Let's see, what else did I pick up? I’m trying to keep myself on a budget these days so I didn’t go crazy but this show always has a lot of bargains so in addition to the Aqua Creams, I had to get some new false lashes for $3 each from I NUOVI and their new Eyebase, which is supposed to be better than UD’s Primer Potion. We’ll see.


Overall, it was a great show to see some new products and it didn’t take hours to walk like the ISSE show can.


Is there anything I listed that you’re excited to try out?



wow, sounds like it was a good show and that blue shadow from MUFE looks fab.

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