Saturday, February 06, 2010

TV's Instyler? Does It Work?

I should start an on-going feature on the site called “I Saw It on TV and Now It’s in My Home. Was it Worth it?” The only thing is that most of the products are not beauty-related. I guess I should just start another site dedicated to it. Anyway, the latest one you’ve probably seen on TV is the INSTYLER. I swear I tried this or something like it many moons ago and have no idea if I liked it or not. I think it tangled my hair more than anythingInStyler else, so that’s probably why I blocked it out, LOL. If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, it does the job of a flat iron but has a rotating barrel to give you more passes per second, thus straightening strands quicker than your typical flat iron. The most important thing here is to section off the hair so that you don’t tangle the hairs once the barrel starts rotating. If you have the time and patience to section and run each section of hair through this, you really get a great shiny finished look.


There are three temperature settings and an auto shut off, which is convenient. And on their site right now is a limited trial offer for two InStylers for 30 days for $14.99 (and S&P on the second one). And then after 30 days, you will be charged three monthly payments of $39.99. So grab a friend and go in on this together only @

Disclosure: The following item was provided to for review purposes.



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