Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hairs Next Big Trend - Macadamia Natural Oils

Macadamia-Healing-Oil-Treatment-1 We’re definitely on the brink of a new hair trend – oils, as in, using nourishing oils to keep hair healthy and here's a new one to sink your teeth, or rather strands, into. 


MACADAMIA NATURAL OIL’s Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment ($36/1.5oz, $6/.35oz @ is taking center stage of this feature. The line came out this month and I really think it;s going to be garnering quite a few accolades.


What it is: combo of Macadamia Oil, Argan Seed Oil and special botanicals.


How it’s used: 1 to 2 pumps in damp hair or dry hair and even as an added nourishing kick in most hair treatments like coloring. This one will also help with frizz and UV protection. Big recommendation!


Disclosure: The following item was provided to for review purposes.



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