Thursday, November 12, 2009

Give Hair Texture & Bigness With Sebastian Professional

I knew I was onto something when my neighbor came down her stairs as I was walking to my garage for a night out on the town and said, “Wow, I really like your hair!” I hadn’t done anything drastically different other than give my long locks some texture. I guess I have been on the smooth/lazy bandwagon too long and not so much big or piecey, like it was that night. Meow!


Since I just had the Brazilian Keratin Treatment done to my hair again recently, the only thing I can do these days is texturize it, which is fine by me.
So what did I have in my hair? One of the products from SEBASTIAN’s new Texture Collection. Think of them like a car with each one performance driven and these are made for those with long hair, yeah!


It’s made up of three products:

  • Microweb Fiber: Elastic Texturizer ($18.95/1.5oz) – inspired by the flexibility, invisibility and invincibility of a spider’s web. Gives hair flexibility and a soft texture.
  • Texturizer: Flexible Bodifying Liquigel ($15.95/5.1oz) – a medium hold gel that gives straight hair some pieciness and curly hair definition.
  • Matte Putty: Soft-dry Texturizer ($16.95/2.6oz) – provides a matte finish. Use to create a piecy look.

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