Thursday, November 05, 2009

Philip B Will Fix Your Hair

Philip-B-White-Truffle-Nourishing-&-Conditioning-Creme There are few things I am serious about when it comes to beauty. One is a face scrub, mascara and the other is hair conditioner. Think of PHILIP B’s White Truffle Nourishing Hair Conditioning Rinse ($28/2oz, $75/6oz @ as thee luxury hair product. If your hair really needs to be brought back from major damage, this one can get you there. I mean this one can, really get you there! It’s made specifically for those with chemical or color-treated hair like just about every female I know, right? So what makes it soooo good? Probably the 23.3% Pure Botanical Extracts of White Truffle combined with the amino acids and vitamin E. It can be used as a regular in the shower conditioner or a longer weekly treatment, which is how I’ve been using it. Big recommendation. 


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