Thursday, November 26, 2009

3Lab Perfect Neck Cream

3Lab-Perfect-Neck-Cream How many times have you seen a celebrity with a super tight pulled face that looks pretty great and then your eyes wonder down to her neck and … eee gads, there’s her age!? So that leads me to a few questions to think about. When you’re washing your face at the end of the day, do you also wash your neck and upper chest?  What about moisturizer? Do you work the moisturizer from your face down into your neck and chest? If you want to start making a concerted effort to start paying attention to your neck area, do it with 3LAB Perfect Neck Cream ($120/2oz). Yup, a product created especially for the neck. It contains the world’s first bio-engineered growth hormone called Nano-Claire GY to help smooth and turn back the hands of time. It also has ingredients to tighten the skin like zinc, magnesium and copper – think of those firming body creams. Just use once in the morning and once at night when you do your normal beauty routine.


Bottom line - yes, I could just use a face cream over the neck area like I have been all these years but this one has ingredients specially made for it so I know I’m getting the nutrients that area needs and I think I like that.

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