Friday, October 09, 2009

Pureology Puts Out Another Winning Collection

Out this month is a new collection from one of my favorite all time hair brands, PUREOLOGY. The SuperSmooth products are made with a new heat-protective ThermalAntiFadeComplex (they sure love to run their words together!!) and as far as I’m concerned, this is the brand that perfected the color support hair products. This collection of four products contains oils of camellia and sesame and organic Shea Butter to not only smooth out and but replenish and strengthen the hair.

And I’m loving that they have branched out into the world of aromatherapy notes by including notes of raspberry, jasmine and chocolate powder in these products. I don’t remember them doing this before part with other collections but they smell fab.

SuperSmooth Shampoo: Cleanse ($27/10.1oz)
SuperSmooth HairCondition: Condition & Detangle
SuperSmooth SmoothingElixir: Fortify
SuperSmooth RelaxingHairMasque: Nourish

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