Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ojon Enhances Your Hair Color and Keeps Away the Frizzies

Ojon-Restorative-Leave-in-Treatment-for-Brunettes-2 The goal of every fall is to keep the frizzy hair away, right? Temperatures crash and moisture is sucked right out of the air and your hair. OJON just put out Restorative Leave-in Treatment and the timing is perfect. It claims to reduce the frizz up to 88% (how do they measure a percentage like this, I’ll never know!) Anyway, what this one has that your other frizz reducers have is a color enhancer – one made just for redheads, blondes and brunettes. So while you are using it for frizzy, the nourishing ingredients of Swa+ Oil, Macadamia, Cupuacu, Murumuru and Shea Butter hydrate help repair any pre-existing damage. They claim a 33% improvement in the conditioner of dry and/or damaged hair. Again, how do they …


And the color kick?  Like all the products in their line, they really go the extra mile in using ones you’d never expect. For example, the one I used for Brown Hair has Chinese Reishi Mushroom and Magnolia Bark for their antioxidant properties and both have an espresso-tinted colorant to them. In this case, it really is, what WILL they think of next? Great product. $29/4.2oz @



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