Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hair Tools With Your Hair Type In Mind

Did you ever really think about the hair tools you use? I mean, they’re all really “one size fits all” and we each have different hair types with different needs. What may be perfect for one head of hair might be quite damaging to another. Enter SMART HEAT by Gold ‘N Hot Elite and did they ever educated me on some hair facts. It’s pretty straight forward that fine hair is less flexible and more prone to damage from styling tools than medium or coarse hair so did you ever think you could get hair tools that were made for your specific type of hair? These use an electronic heat sensor to keep the irons and dryer at the right temperature for your hair type. So no more over-drying or over-styling, which can both wreak havoc on hair!


Choose from the following:

smart heat by Gold ‘N Hot Elite: The Dryer ($115)
smart heat by Gold ‘N Hot Elite: The Straightening Iron
smart heat by Gold ‘N Hot Elite: The Curling Irons
– ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼” (“$80)

All @ or 800-327-8384.




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