Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love Pink? H2Pro Flat Iron Will Be Your New Favorite.

Money is tight for me too here at Cybelesays.com and in the beauty category of tightening my belt, it seems to have most affected when I get my hair cut and colored. And since I was able to experience the Brazilian Hair Treatment earlier this year, I really liked it so I think I can do it maybe twice a year. I’m a little overdue for my next treatment so I’ve been using the H2PRO Pink 300 Special Edition Styling Iron ($109, 1" plate @ grandperfumes.com and amazon.com) and it’s pretty much kept all my hair in check. Using Nano Silver and Nano Titanium Oxide, which they claim removes chemicals and bacteria from the hair with each pass. Huh? You mean, I don’t have to wash my hair and can just use this one to basically clean it?? Kidding but that is sort of what it implies, no? I know that Nano Titanium helps enhance the ionic effect so each hair is able to absorb moisture and leave behind shine.



Anyway, the bottom line for any flat iron is that it must do a few things flawlessly to go in the worth it   category:


1. Heats up quickly – this one is less that 15 seconds to get to 450 degrees – check!


2. Fully straighten with only a few passes – check!


3. Does not grab or grip as you slide the hair through the plates – check!


As with most of the ones I have tried lately, this too can be used on damp hair but we wouldn’t do something stupid like that, right ladies?


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