Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stella McCartney STELLANUDE


Now that the seasons are changing I have been on my seasonal hunt for the signature fragrance for fall. Night? Day? I don’t know what kind of notes it has or if it’s a floral or oriental or even a floriental. It’s one of those things I’ll know is right when I smell it. I have come across some really good ones lately, however STELLA McCARTNEY STELLANUDE seems to hit the nail on the head for my daytime scent and even maybe some eves as it has just a dash of sexy. From what I read, Stella created this scent for “the moment in which a woman selects her lingerie at the beginning of each day.” Hmmm, maybe I should require a spritz of this before I go opening that top drawer each morning so at least my bra and underwear match, right!? I’d consider it a major accomplishment to just achieve that every morning. Anyway, back to the fragrance. If you’re a rose fan, I would go as far as considering this one a signature. It has top notes of Moroccan Rose and grapefruit, middle or heart notes of white peony and pink pepper and a base of Ugandan Vanilla and Grey Amber.


Because this comes in an Eau de Toilette ($42/1oz, $63/1.6oz, $81/3.3oz) form, think of it as a sheer lipstick as it gives you just a hint of the bouquet. I wish it came in a heavier form but maybe in time.

And speaking of forms, this also comes in a Linen Scented Mist ($59/4.2oz). For some reason, I love to apply a few dabs of some perfume before I hit the hay. Maybe I’ll be trying this instead. Check them all out exclusively @


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