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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hairdo -- My Latest Obsession

I was recently all hot on the press-on nails and now I’m back on the hair pieces again. Is it because I Tivo The Wendy Williams Show every day? Or that overall hair pieces are just getting more and more realistic looking!? My latest woo-hoo is the Bump Up the Volume by HAIRDO ($99 @, which is part of the new Stylables collection that just came out. This one is attached to the crown of the hair to give you that “Bumpits” kick. I mean, this is something I can use, ok, honey?? (I seem to get somewhat fierce when I wear a piece).


What’s also unique about the Stylables collection of hair is that the synthetic hair was developed with what they call Tru2Life fiber that can withstand heat up to 350 degrees. Did you hear that? Should I say it again? Now, again, this is something else I can work with!


I’m convinced that if you can match your hair color or at least get it in the right color family, them some of these clip-in hair pieces can work for you too (this brand comes in eight different shades). And I seem to be most drawn to those that are worn underneath for more volume.  I can walk in a room and not feel like everyone is staring at me because I am wearing fake hair.

My only suggestion would be to the overall length. Not many people have hair that cascades down to 20” so chopping off at least 5” to this one would make it perfect.

Have you ever tried wearing a hair piece or do you already? Please share you experience and work it, girl!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MAC and Zoya Get Our Nails Down for Fall


It seems like nail polish has always been kind of an after-thought when it comes to the MAC line so it’s nice to see a collection dedicated to it. Nail Trend F/W ’09 is not your run-of-the-mill colors! Created by nail guru, Jin Soon, she created six new Nail Lacquer shades (frost, sheer, cream) to wet your whistle. Hopefully, we will see more of this relationship in future collections.


Color picks from L to R: Dry Martini (khaki olive green, a cream), Beyond Jealous (blackened blue green, a cream) and Cool Reserve (dirty grey lavender, a cream). $12 @




And speaking of dark creamy colors, I am so into these new ones just out for Fall from ZOYA’s Dare Collection. Color picks from L to R: Envy (jade green), Ibiza (sapphire blue w/little shimmer) and Pinta (inky violet cream). $10 @




Zoya also put out the Truth Collection and most of them are iridescent. I’m sure I’ll be feeling those in a few weeks!



Monday, September 28, 2009

Karuna - You Read It Here First…




We are pleased to be able to introduce new brand to you! KARUNA is a line of face masks based on the wisdom of East-meets-West and uses ingredients found in Asia. Choose from six different masks – Anti-Aging, Anti-Blemish, Brightening, Anti-Oxidant, Exfoliating and Hydrating. Whenever I am using a cream or gel mask, I never really know if I am using the right amount but these come in a fold out cloth (with the nose, eyes and mouth cut out) that you simply lay on the skin and let it do its magic. Remember the one from Shiseido I feature a little while ago? Same kind of cloth here and since each has the ingredients already on it, so you know you are using the right amount. And these clothes are all-natural fiber cloths that are made from bio-degradable wood pulp.

I tried two different masks and I have to say hands down, the Hydrating Treatment Mask ($28/4 masks only @ worked the best for me. This one uses a Japanese soybean called Natto to super hydrate the skin as well as other plant extracts, like Aloe Leaf Juice, peptides and anti-oxidants.

One thing I noticed in trying both masks were that each was sopping wet, as in, they didn’t skimp on ingredients! With everyone cutting corners and tightening belts, this is a big plus.

And since you have to leave the cloth on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes, it kind of forces you to just sit and relax. And after you are done, no need to rinse the excess off of your face, just rub it in and what I like doing with the cloth afterward is to lay it out on my upper chest. That area just doesn’t get enough attention and can always use some extra hydration.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pond's Makes A Glove Compartment Staple




Love the bright red lipstick but not when it’s time to take it off? POND’S Clean Sweep Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($4.27/30 @ remove any and all red lippies lickety-split. I’ve never seen anything take off lip paint to well and so thoroughly. I’ll put this one up against and liquid makeup remover any day! They come in Original Clean (infused with Triple Tea Antioxidant Complex), Age Defying (infused with Collagen and Retinol, wow!) and Micro Dermabrasion (exfoliating microbeads on one side). Face it, your skin can use a little freshen up throughout the day, so why not use one that isn’t messy like these?

For an overall deep cleansing, I would still use their Cold Cream but if you are in a hurry or on a trip, these clothes remove dirt and makeup just fine.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Chanel Venice Collection Fall 2009


The inspiration for CHANEL’s Collection Venise de Chanel Fall 2009 is Venice, Italy and I can see why. I visited the city in the early 90’s and it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited besides Rome. So if you’ve been or not, take on the drama with you by using some of their fall colors. The stand out has to be the Eye Gloss – Luminous Cream Quadra Eyeshadow ($65) – four gel cream shadows where you can control the intensity in pearl, gold, black and red black. Hopefully this will become a staple product in the line.

My other pick is the Le Vernis Nail Colour in Gondola ($23). Can’t go wrong with shimmering ruby red nails and with the new season, it’s the perfect time of year.

Both @

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tweezerman's Answer To Nail Grooming


Here’s a pretty straight forward take-with-you manicure/pedicure kit that contains three solid pieces of nail fabulousness. TWEEZERMAN Mini Nail Rescue Kit ($20 @ contains a Pushy Cuticle Pusher, Metal Nail File (use this one sparingly as this one can be a little too harsh on those with thin nails, like me) and a one-of-a-kind Snipper, which is my favorite of the trio. It’s ergonomically designed clipper  that really seems to retain its sharpness and just so perfect at getting around the nails to clean them up. This tool alone is worth the $20 price tag.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stella McCartney STELLANUDE


Now that the seasons are changing I have been on my seasonal hunt for the signature fragrance for fall. Night? Day? I don’t know what kind of notes it has or if it’s a floral or oriental or even a floriental. It’s one of those things I’ll know is right when I smell it. I have come across some really good ones lately, however STELLA McCARTNEY STELLANUDE seems to hit the nail on the head for my daytime scent and even maybe some eves as it has just a dash of sexy. From what I read, Stella created this scent for “the moment in which a woman selects her lingerie at the beginning of each day.” Hmmm, maybe I should require a spritz of this before I go opening that top drawer each morning so at least my bra and underwear match, right!? I’d consider it a major accomplishment to just achieve that every morning. Anyway, back to the fragrance. If you’re a rose fan, I would go as far as considering this one a signature. It has top notes of Moroccan Rose and grapefruit, middle or heart notes of white peony and pink pepper and a base of Ugandan Vanilla and Grey Amber.


Because this comes in an Eau de Toilette ($42/1oz, $63/1.6oz, $81/3.3oz) form, think of it as a sheer lipstick as it gives you just a hint of the bouquet. I wish it came in a heavier form but maybe in time.

And speaking of forms, this also comes in a Linen Scented Mist ($59/4.2oz). For some reason, I love to apply a few dabs of some perfume before I hit the hay. Maybe I’ll be trying this instead. Check them all out exclusively @

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hot Fall Colors and Products

Let’s Look At Fall Colors before we spotlight some of the collections in more detail. So what colors are big this season? Bronze? Navy? Here are a few we are hot on. Look for more extensive features on some of the fall color collections. 

From L to R clockwise:
Nano Eyeliner
in Midnight Black ($9 @

ILLAMASQUA Nail Varnish in Unnatural – dark blood red ($14 @

LANCOME Ink Artliner Longwear Calligraphy Gel Eyeliner in Indigo Charm ($23.50 @ from the Declaring Indigo Collection

PRESCRIPTIVES Eye Color Compact in Neutral ($40 @ from the Well Suited Collection

Bold Volume Lifting Mascara
in Garnet ($19.50 @

URBAN DECAY Deluxe Eyeshadow in Frigid – deep purple w/blue sheen ($14 @

in Fastride – sheer mulberry ($32 @ from the Fall 2009 Collection

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Winner from Crazylibellule and the Poppies


Why do I have such a soft spot for the scents from CRAZYLIBELLULE AND THE POPPIES? Could it be the wicked cute packaging? The I-just-want-to-shove-this-in-my-bag-and-go totalble-ness of it? Or just the fragrance itself? I’m going to say a combo of all three. We introduced the line a few months ago with a bang and had to take a breather to relax the nose from all the fun cuteness. Don’t get me wrong, there can be quality with cuteness and this one is the pinnacle of that! I just had to try a few other brands to keep things going here at and well, I am happy or not to report and I came back to this line (take it as you will).
Their latest scent that has its claws around me right now is this 26 Juin ile d'Yeu Crazy Cologne Stick. It’s a clear solid and contains notes of orange, peach and plum middle notes and rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, cardamom and black pepper and a dry-down base of woods, greedy vanilla (greedy??) and musk. Days at the office are now kinda fun. $18/5g @
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MAC Celebrates Make-Up Art Cosmetics

With the Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection, MAC is celebrating makeup as an art form and chosen three people who exemplify the idea to the max - Richard Phillips (Painter), Maira Kalman (Illustrator), and Marilyn Minter (Photographer) with each collection is formally called: Make-Up Art Cosmetics Fall ’09 As Seen by … (insert above name here). 


I was a little confused at first glance with the names and what they meant and why three collections etc, so let’s just get to the important stuff, the picks!!

…from Richard Phillips Plush Lash in Plushblack, Eye Shadow X 4: Photo Realism, Lipstick in Full Body and Tinted Lip Glass in Personal Taste, Powder Blush in The Perfect Cheek.


…from Maira KalmanEye Shadows in Crest the Wave, Haunting, Purple Shower, and Technakohl Liner in Obvious Orange. 


…from Marilyn Minter (my favorite of the three) – Glitter in Reflects Rust and Fushsia, Pigment in Heritage Rouge.



Prices and availability @

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