Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rahua by Amazon Beauty Organic Hair Collection


I was at an end of the summer bbq over the weekend and was asked what hair care products I was most excited about right now and without missing a beat, AMAZON BEAUTY’s Rahua Organic Hair Care Collection flew out of my mouth. Formulated with a beauty garden of ingredients, mostly from the Ecuadorian Amazon Forest (how many other lines can say this?), it keeps fillers and other harmful ones away like chemical preservatives and instead serves up something I can work with like the Rahua Elixir, which comes from the oil of the Rahua nut used by the women of the Amazon to keep their hair healthy. And also the Palo Santo, which is a calming ingredient known for its pleasing aroma. Think of this as the aromatherapy part of the experience. Ahhhhhh…

But the most important part of these for me, besides actually working, which they do, especially the Conditioner, is that it is made for those who color-treat their hair! Who would have thought organic could have something so (some would say) trivial?Rahua Organic Shampoo ($32/9.3oz)Rahua Organic Conditioner ($34/9.3oz). Big recommendation. Both available @ amazon.com.


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