Friday, August 28, 2009

MUD Makes Makeup Go Bye-Bye.



What's not to love about anything that can be used on the go, especially if it's going to freshen the skin up? August here in LA has been pretty hot and sticky so these MAKE-UP DESIGNORY (MUD)'s Makeup Remover Wipes ($18/40 wipes @ have been a staple in my oversized purse all month. Each moist towelette not only contains cleansing ingredients but olive oil and vitamin E. And who better to test them out to the max then their New York and Los Angeles based makeup schools? They just gotta work well at removing makeup and dirt, right?


Bamboo Clothing

These would be handy to take to the gym so I can be fresh faced before I hit the treadmill.


And they will last you a long time. NOthing worse than having nothing with you to clean your face with except the yucky soap and water they keep at the gyms!

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