Saturday, August 22, 2009

Me ~n~ Lippmann Are Celebrating!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and me … HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and me … HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LIPPMANN COLLECTION and meeee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and me! Celebrate - 10th Anniversary Collection Set ($35 @ are three shades in a bangin’ cute box. While I am a few years older than this, we are both celebrating today, August 22nd.
And what’s cool about each shade is that they contain not just regular glitter in each color but pretty big pieces so it gives nails a nice texture.



Superstar – bronze/copper glitter in brown

Funky Chunky – sequined sheer black

Ruby Red Slippers – red glitter floating in black liquid


Decorative Diva

Happy Birthday Cybele :)

Heidi V.

Me and my daughter love the cool colors! Thank you so much for the info...

Holly Henderson

Hope you had an awesome birthday!!


Thanks Deco and Holly!


Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

air yeezy

Visiting you blog,I am entirely attracted by the fashion style .Thank you for sharing. May you a nice mood.

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