Monday, August 03, 2009

Cybelesays Special Report - "Nice Nails, Girl!"

I can’t even begin to express the elation with this latest discovery. I’ve complained quite a bit the last few months that my nails don’t grow. They peel and are just generally blah, when it comes to cool and lady-like. I envy Scrangie and All Lacquered Up. They can apply, remove, apply and remove yet again and still have nice looking nails in the end. What is my discovery that has me simply giddy? Artificial nails as in the press on kind! And have they come a long way from the Lee Press On Nails from many moons ago. And with the economic climate, who can afford a weekly manicure at the salon. And the styles are a lot more realistic with most making short and sporty lengths to medium lengths. And the glue they use really adheres them on nicely so pop-offs are pretty rare. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the topic and here is what I can tell you.

  • Most packs contain anywhere from 24 to 48 nails so there are a lot of sizes to choose from. You WILL find your sizes.
  • Prices run between $4.99 to $7.99 a pack.
  • Like makeup, quite a few brands seem to do seasonal collections.
  • You can wear them from seven days to ten days.
  • Tip shapes range from roundish to squoval and you can get short or sporty length to a medium. Gone are the dragon claws!
  • Best variety of nails seems to be found at Rite Aid stores.
  • There was no glue that stuck out as better than another.
The major brands that make full coverage nails that I could find are Pretty Woman USA, Nail Bliss and the ones I tried below. Here are some details and observations on each.



  • Great selection of full colored nails and french manicured designs.
  • The Edge Hardcord Nail Addict collection has fun and edgy designs.
  • Most packs contain stick on tabs and glue. The press on tabs don’t seem to strong enough. Glue all the way!

Shown here: Edge Hardcore Nail Addict Short Length Black & White, 48 Pak Nail Kit, Bing! See all the latest @



  • Each nail is numbered on the underside of each nail for easy matching up of the left and right. Points scored.
  • Great selection of colors with the Color Allure collection.
  • Shown here: Daily Wear and Color Allure in Revlon Red. See all the latest @


Broadway Nail:

  • Makes nails for small nail beds.
  • Has the most selection of styles like Fashion Diva and French Flip.

Shown here: they have so many different designs that I could not pick just two or three favorites, so here are some styles from the Fashion Divas collections:


Kiss USA:

  • Has Mix or Match kits with 48 nails inside for you to mix the designs up.
  • Everlasting French is their latest collection with totally chip free tips.
  • Glues contain vitamins A, E and Pro B5 and some are tinted.
  • Some packs have a small file, orange stick and Self-Tab, which is a plastic tab at the top of each nail to make application a breeze.
  • I found that the nails that have glue already inside each nail did not adhere as well as the glue on ones. Maybe good for one night but even then I think you run the risk of one flying off.
Shown here: Mix or Match 2 Manicures in 1 Box and the new Everlasting French.


One note on the Everlasting French nails – I helped my neighbor clean out two closets last weekend and I was wearing these nails and not a chip or blemish on the white tips. If French is your thing, these will hold up flawlessly!

Get ‘em @, and



  • Makes the least obvious French manicure (Short Cut) shown below (yeah!!).
  • Some packs not only come with glue but a nail file and orange stick to push cuticles back and a tool to pick up the nails.
  • Has some very fashion forward collections like Couture, So Natural and So Real.
  • Has nail packs called Nail Duets and take the guessing out of matching the right nail for each finger.
  • Money back guarantee!

Shown here: Nail Duets, Short Cut, So Natural. Check out styles @ and


And to remove? Try NOT to pick and pull them off as this could damage the nail bed. Instead, pick up Kiss Artificial Nail Remover ($6.99/4.5oz @, which has little plastic scrubbies on the wall of the container to help. A 10-minute soak and your nails are back to normal and damage-free. And you can just refill this with acetone after you use it up.

A few of the brands make nails for toes and while I have not tried them yet, it seems like it would be a lot harder to find sizes that work for every digit. Seems great in theory but until I try them, I’m just recommending the ones for fingers and that’s with one artificial nailed thumb waaay up!

So you wanna try? We have some packs of nails to give away so click here to go to the CONTEST!!








I just picked up some Nail Bliss "Neon Girl" nails today from Sally's for $2.99. They are funky french with a blue design on the tips.


I've seen these reviewed before and everyone seems to like them. They scare me a little though. I'd love to try them and see if they are really scary.

gayle bellemare

Love the quality of artifical nails, am using them to quit biting my nails and would love to win this give away

Freddy Clemett

Great selection! It's nice to have choices!

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