Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sweatblock Speaks To the Pits

Seems like quite a few products are focusing on the armpits these days. From this one we wrote about a few months ago to Dove’s new Ultimate Visibly Smooth Anti-Perspirant Deodorant that claims to keep you stubble free longer to this one. And this is the first one I’ve ever seen of its kind and I’m sure they’ll be many more on the way. Ladies and gents, I give you SWEATBLOCK and here’s the skinny in two words, it works!

Sweatblock What it does: Eliminates underarm perspiration for 7 days.

Cost: $19.99/2 month supply, $35.98/4 month supply, $50.97/6 month supply.All @

What you do: Each packet has two presoaked pads, so before bed, dab, dab, dab one pad under the armpit (don’t rub). Allow each underarm to dry for 5 minutes.

How it works: While you are catching your nightly zzz’s, the chemicals in it block your sweat glands (the active ingredient is the 13% aluminum chloride hexahydrate). It’s that simple. And no, it doesn’t rub off or leave a film. You may even forget you applied it and put on deodorant one morning like I did!

The test: I found a really great cardio kickbox class recently and it’s really been giving me quite the workout twice a week. And what better place to try this one out! Throughout the hour class, every other place on my body was sweating except under my arms.

When I told a few people about this product, they all said the same thing. Isn’t blocking your sweat glands from under the arm pits unhealthy? I did some research on this and from what I can gather, no it’s not bad for you. First off, your armpits only house 1% of your sweat glands and really all this product does is what an anti-p/deo does. So if you are not overweight and are in good health, it’s not bad. And Botox injections for that area is also becoming quite popular but if you are still wary, check with your doctor.


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