Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Need To Smooth It? Philip B To the Rescue.

Philip-B-Anti-Frizz-Formula-57 The PHILIP B line has always been on the cutting edge of cool with products that give something extra and unique. From their White Truffle Ultra-Rich Shampoo to the Chai Latte Soul & Body Wash, they never put out a boring product! This Anti-Frizz Formula 57 ($35/2oz @ nordstrom.com) may not have the fancy name but it has pretty much become my go-to defrizzer right now. It contains vitamin E, jojoba, and soybeach oils and not only does this defrizz but it also protects hair from heat products so this is also a 2-in-1.
When I first used this, I applied it after I was done drying my hair to calm my strands down but you can actually use it on towel dry hair too. Try it both ways to see what works best for you!



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