Thursday, June 04, 2009

Writer Cybele Follows HER Nose

When I was little, one of my favorite books was called Little Bunny Follows His Nose. It’s a scratch-and-sniff book and I pretty much wore it out. Just remembering this book and doing a Google search for it really brings back nice memories! Maybe that’s how my fascination will scents began. Here are two I can’t stop smelling right now.

LUSH really hit it right on the nose with these new vanilla products! Gimme the Heavanilli Massage Bar ($9.95/1.9oz) for when I’m sitting in front of the TV catching up on VH1 reality shows. And then gimme the Vanilla Deelite Lotion ($24.95/8.45oz) for post shower. The Hawaiian tamanu and monoi oils in this one sink in my skin super quick. Both @



If you’ve been a reader of the site for a while, you know I’m wild about the smell of honey. I just got my hands on some of the new Naked Honey collection from MAC, so look for a feature on that coming soon. In the meantime, UPPER CANADA SOAP’s Body Butter Warm Honey Nectar ($13/6.4oz @ from the Naturally Collection, is delighting me right now. It’s really thick and is free of parabens and mineral oil and perfect for those areas that need a little extra attention like heels and elbows.



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