Friday, April 17, 2009

Sensitive Skin? Get Simple

I’ve gotten a few emails lately about products for sensitive skin. Since I can put just about anything on mine, I don’t usually seek them out but since I’ve been asked, I’ve been looking. SIMPLE Cleansing Facial Wipes ($5.99 @ is one I think will fit the bill when it comes to cleaning the face. It takes out the ingredients that can irritate the skin like perfumes and dyes but each 7”x7” wipe is still able to do away with dirt and makeup. It even claims at being able to remove waterproof mascara but since I never wear the stuff, I can’t report back to you on that. The best part about these wipes besides being able to take them with you on the go? They are 100% alcohol-free!





I love any type of facial wipe, it's perfect because sometimes I'm too lazy to wash my face before bed ;) I have sensitive skin because I have a thyroid condition, so anything that is gentle is a plus!

Kate Jones

I've actually tried a lot of different face wipes over the last year -- they are so much easier than anything else out there. This is a great product!


I just started using face wipes and I love them. They are wonderful for vacations and travel as well as any time you just don't feel like washing. I love that this one is for sensitive skin and alcohol free.

Maha G

i'm not too keen on facial wipes because no matter what there's icky film residue, but then again i've only tried one (garnier's). hehe.


Post an update and let us know if you like them and/or find another winner. I am looking for a good wipe too (that sounds, um, not quite right) - problem is, I almost always break out from them about a week in.


Thanks, I will definetely try this! I'm always looking for cleansers that won't irritate my skin.

sherry gibbs

I will try these. I work on the road a lot and I love face wipes to go into a store and refresh myself from the hot sweaty road!

pauline quilyts

I am 39 years old and have very sensitive skin, and because of that I had been using fragrance-free and chemical free products. I always thought I looked pretty young until I saw a picture of myself at 29. OMG! After doing some research I decided to try the Made from Earth skin care line - based upon the favorable reviews - low cost and the fact that they are chemical and fragrance free. (Perfumed lotions make me sneeze and irritate my skin).

I tried the Rosehip & Hibiscus face serum from Made from Earth. After one use, I noticed a few things. My skin tingled after appliying the serum just mildly and it felt like the vitamins i the serum where penerating my skin and getting in deep. The second thing I noticed is that my skin almost immediately looked better! I applied it the next morning again and noticed the same things. I decided to try it every other day and have to say I REALLY notice a difference! My skin looks almost as good as my pic from ten years ago.

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