Friday, April 10, 2009

Rocks O’ Fun With Pur Minerals

Pur-Minerals-Pur-Rocks How super cool looking is this PUR MINERALS Pür Rocks product? And the umlauts over the u? Rock!! These nuggets of color remind me of that rock candy gum from yester-year but these look a little less appetizing then that gum. This is from the Spring 2009 Collection and could not be more fitting. Each of the rocks in the box are shimmery with rosy undertones. Use a large brush for cheeks and jaw or a smaller brush for the eye area. $22.50 @


Paula Wade

They are neat looking - they remind me of a matte version of those pearlescent balls that Prescriptives had. I'm going to have to see if Ulta has this over there yet.


I have this! I love it It's perfect as long as you dip, twirl in a circle and then apply. Its flawless and the little "rocks" are too cute.

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