Saturday, April 11, 2009

MBeze Makes A Necessity Really Cute And Fun


Whoever thought that a deodorant was cute? MBEZE did and now I do! Check out their wicked cute Deodorette ($10/.30oz @ It’s a small deodorant that can be tucked into your purse, desk, anywhere you feel you need to freshen up! It comes in 8 scents but mine has to be the Cruizee, which is cucumber, jasmine and a dash of mint tea. And it contains a lot of natural and organic ingedients. This is our first experience with the line so we’ll keep you posted on the other products in the line. So far, so good!




Paula W.

I had someone rec these too me when I was looking for a Secret alternative, but hadn't had a chance to try them out. Thanks for the second.

Erin S.

These look like a lovely alternative to the deodorants found in your average supermarket. I had not heard of this product line until I read the post here. Now I'm quite interested in trying out all of them! I'm looking forward to hearing reviews of these adorable products.

Jacqueline Bennett

Any chance these are available to purchase anywhere besides online? My social/work life revolves around being out and about a LOT and I hate carrying a full-sized deodorant with me, so this would be perfect.


OMG these are so cute!! Really interesting packaging and scents also.


what a great giveaway...thanks

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