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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ole Henriksen Brings The Spa Home

Ole-Henriksen-African-Red-Tea Can’t get to an OLE HENRiKSEN New York spa? Bring it to you with some of his African Red Tea products. Did you know that red tea has a higher level of anti-oxidants than its sisters green or black? So if you are serious about slowing the aging process, these are worth looking into and they are right on par with with earth-friendly ingredients. Since money is tight for everyone right now, so this African Red Tea Trio for $85 is a total bargain. Here’s the breakdown of each product:

  • Express The Truth Wrinkle Resistant Crème (1oz) – contains 10% vitamin C, the powerful peptide Polylysine and key minerals.
  • Visual Truth Eye Crème (.5oz) – also contains the 10% vitamin C and minerals like above.
  • African Red Tea Face Mist (4oz) – infuses B5, Pomegranate and other citrus extracts.

All @  

There’s also a collection of body products that uses this African Red Tea so be sure to check those out too. This is anti-aging heaven!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Cybelesays Special Report: Custom Fragrance With Melange Apothecary

The subject of scents and fragrances has always eluded me to the point that I am easily overwhelmed by the choices. What works with my skin or chemistry? How do you pick out a scent for yourself? How do you know if one is not working for you? Am I the only one with these questions? It seemed that way so I mustered up the courage and headed over to the MELANGE APOTHECARY in Sherman Oaks, CA to meet with Owner/Founder Denise Estrada. Denise has quite a beauty background. Starting esthetician, she would blend different botanicals depending on her clients’ skin needs and this lead her to the world of perfumes over 20 years ago. 


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Get Kicky With China Glaze's Latest Nail Polish Collection

Another sign of a recession is that bright colors are H-O-T, hot! And I love it! Take CHiNA GLAZE’s new  Kicks Collection 2009 of Nail Lacquers. They don’t leave anything out – blues, pinks, greens and even purple. Here are our picks from the collection.



From L to R: Sky High-Top – vibrant periwinkle, Custom Kicks – dusty teal, Paper Chasing – celadon green, It’s Poppin – bright shimmer fuchsia, Fly – red-raspberry, Oh How Street It Is – sunrise. $6.50 @


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Products Are Among Us!

Smell it, swipe it, spritz it or don it. Here are some more recommendations for our Best of Spring Beauty on-going feature. From L to R clockwise:



QTiCA Papaya Star Sugar Scrub ($14/7oz @
SPA RITUAL Lacquer in Spice of Life ($10 @
DuWOP Doubleglow7 in Deep ($25 @
KENZO Eau de Fleur de Soie Silk ($55/1.7oz
BOBBI BORWN Long-Wear Cream Shadow in New Steel ($22 @ from The Platinum Collection.

HONEYCAT COSMETICS Kiss Good Night Pink Peppermint Lipgloss ($16 @


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MAC Dazzles With the Latest Double Dazzle Collection

The latest delight from MAC is the Double Dazzle collection of seven new Dazzleglass ($18 @ shades for lips. Since nothing can sway us from our beloved Kiss Me Mascara, we’ll just focus on the lips in this collection. These lipcolours claim a “dimentional pop” to the lips by using large particle pearls to reflect the light. Color picks:


MAC-Dazzleglass Stop! Look! – sheer violet mauve w/blue and pink pearl

Moth to Flame – sheer neutral beige w/violet pearl

Utterly Posh – mid-tone orange w/pink and gold pearl

Love Alert – red raspberry w/red pearl


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visiting South America With Mega Hot’s New Brazilian Heat

I can’t say that I’m used to looking at a pearlized white and orange hair dryer. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before but I love the combo. Very now. The new Brazilian Heat line from MEGA HOT is comprised of 6 overall products -  Ionic Hair Dryer, two different sized Brazilian Straight Irons and three different sized Brazilian Curl Irons. Here’s what’s sets these apart from the others out there –

Ionic Dryer - $180

  • Rheostat dryer instead of switches that let’s you control the air flow
  • Cool shot button and turbo shot button
  • Lightweight @ 14.6oz.

Straight Iron - $150 - $175

  • plates are treated with a new double-dip ceramic treatment (less wear and tear)
  • Temp-lock feature so you don’t accidentially change the setting (I do this all the time!).
  • 1” and 1 1/2” sizes
  • Heat up to 450 degrees and has digital display.
  • * I also had my hair dresser, Berrie, try this one out when she was applying the Brazilian Keratin Treatment to my hair and she really liked it and said it was probably one of the best straightening irons she's used to date.

Curl Iron - $80 to $100

  • plates are also get the double-dip ceramic treatment
  • Temp-lock feature
  • Available in ¾”, 1” and 1 ½” sizes
  • Heat up to 450 degrees and has digital display.

All @

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nail Polish Remover w/o All the Yucky Stuff from Karma Organic

Karma-Organics-Nail-Polish-Remover When I test out a product, we report back to you here on all the aspects of it – how it works to what’s inside. For this Organic Nail Polish Remover ($9.99/4oz @ from KARMA ORGANIC, all you really need to know is that it works and it doesn’t smell the room up like typical nail polish removers do. I mean, that’s really all I need to know!! But if you want more, here is it from their site:



100 % Soy and Corn based, 100% Biodegradable, Non-toxic, Non-carcinogenic, Free of any Petroleum Ingredients, Derived from Farm Crops which in turn supports american farming, Packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles, Comes in Lavendar, Tea Tree, or Unscented.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fruits and Passion Has Apple!

There’s nothing like some great smelling products. And the ones in the fruit category are my favorite. The FRUiTS AND PASSION line just put out three new Eco-friendly collections. What makes them eco? Each uses biodegradable formulas, 86% to 95% natural and plant-derived ingredients, recyclable and/or reusable packaging, and there is no animal testing or animal-source ingredients. Choose from mango with the Mango Evasion group, peach with the Peach Obsession collection of products and our pick, the yummy pomme or Apple Illusion collection.

Imagine Foaming Bath ($22/16.9oz), Imagine Hand Soap ($16.50/16.9oz), Imagine Hand Cream ($16/10.1oz), Imagine Shower Gel ($12/6.7oz), Imagine Quenching Butter ($22/8.4oz), Imagine Apple Illusion Eau de Toilette ($34/1.6oz)

Not sure you want to make the commitment? Try their Apple Illusion Body Care Ritual for $9.95. It comes with a 1.3oz Shower Gel, 1.3oz Body Cream, .07oz Eau de Toilette all tucked inside a reusable pouch. These just smell so good, so we're making this a Best of Spring Beauty pick. Get 'em all @




Friday, April 17, 2009

Sensitive Skin? Get Simple

I’ve gotten a few emails lately about products for sensitive skin. Since I can put just about anything on mine, I don’t usually seek them out but since I’ve been asked, I’ve been looking. SIMPLE Cleansing Facial Wipes ($5.99 @ is one I think will fit the bill when it comes to cleaning the face. It takes out the ingredients that can irritate the skin like perfumes and dyes but each 7”x7” wipe is still able to do away with dirt and makeup. It even claims at being able to remove waterproof mascara but since I never wear the stuff, I can’t report back to you on that. The best part about these wipes besides being able to take them with you on the go? They are 100% alcohol-free!



Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Everyday-Minerals,-Lise-Watier,-Essie Get your (fake) tan on and then apply these colors to make it pop!
ESSIE Nail Polish in Eternal Optimist ($8.50 @ from the Spring 2009 Collection.
EVERYDAY MINERALS Eye Shadow in Ruby Sand ($6/mini, $2.50/sample @
LISE WATIER Gloss Wow in Savana Dream ($18 @



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