Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fruits and Passion Has Apple!

There’s nothing like some great smelling products. And the ones in the fruit category are my favorite. The FRUiTS AND PASSION line just put out three new Eco-friendly collections. What makes them eco? Each uses biodegradable formulas, 86% to 95% natural and plant-derived ingredients, recyclable and/or reusable packaging, and there is no animal testing or animal-source ingredients. Choose from mango with the Mango Evasion group, peach with the Peach Obsession collection of products and our pick, the yummy pomme or Apple Illusion collection.

Imagine Foaming Bath ($22/16.9oz), Imagine Hand Soap ($16.50/16.9oz), Imagine Hand Cream ($16/10.1oz), Imagine Shower Gel ($12/6.7oz), Imagine Quenching Butter ($22/8.4oz), Imagine Apple Illusion Eau de Toilette ($34/1.6oz)

Not sure you want to make the commitment? Try their Apple Illusion Body Care Ritual for $9.95. It comes with a 1.3oz Shower Gel, 1.3oz Body Cream, .07oz Eau de Toilette all tucked inside a reusable pouch. These just smell so good, so we're making this a Best of Spring Beauty pick. Get 'em all @






I have never heard of this brand, but the parrot is cute and I like the red. I will have to try the starter kit.


Hi Kathie - the scents are really wonderful no matter which collection you try out. Thanks for reading!

Amy Melanson

I love Fruits & Passions! I'm super excited to try this new scent. I bet it smells wonderful. By the way, I love your site!


Oooh! F&P has a new scent? Awesome!! Can't wait to try it. Loving your blog, btw :)

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Could you give them peaches? I know bananas are common, but do you cook it or just mash it? Are pears okay? And do you cook that? Is it better to mash your own fruit or buy it?

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