Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dr. Scholl's = Total Foot Comfort

Dr-Scholls-High-Heel-Insoles This one from DR. SCHOLL’S is not really beauty related but I ask you, is there anything beautiful about uncomfortable shoes? The answer is no! Since I am a fan of wearing sky high heels, I am always on the lookout for inserts that are going to ease the balls of my feet. Don’t get me wrong, I can walk even run in high heels, but sometimes you are in a situation where you have to stand and that’s what gets you. I’ve tried all the different inserts, from the drugstore brands to the ones like Foot Petals and this is my latest find that seems to really help. These 'For Her' High Heel Insoles ($9.99 @ are designed for those 2” and higher heels. Bless you Dr. Scholl’s!! It’s a gel that is stuck in the heel and it goes all the way to the ball of the foot so it really provides support. And since it’s clear, you can even use it in your strappiest of stilettos!


My only room for improvement would be the amount of packaging that this comes in – a total waste.


sherry gibbs

I am a Dr. Scholl's rep and this new product is really selling well. I agree about the packaging...I can only guess that they want so much packaging to draw attention but to me there should be other ways.


Hi Sherry - yes, hopefully they will rework it at some point. Thanks for the comment!

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