Monday, May 04, 2009

Beauty Addicts Give Us Pencils We Can Work With

Packaging can make all the difference when it comes to a beauty product. Take these EfforlessEyes: Eye Pencils and ($17) from the BEAUTY ADDICTS line. Each pencil has a triagular shape, which helps it fit snug in your hand giving you good control. And the formulas? Each contains vitamin E, so that’s a little extra boost, and come in four shades – Glow (blue), Motivate (plum), Seduce (black) and Express (bronze).  

I feel like lip liners are the pantyhose of the cosmetics world so let’s bring them back and you can start with using these LusciousLips: Lip Pencils ($16). They have the same triangular shape and contains anti-aging ingredients, which we can all use around our mouths and come in four shades – Glow, Motivate, Express and Seduce.

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I am going to try the lip pencils

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