Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tweezerman - Taking Care of Hair, One at a Time

Tweezerman-tweezers My brows used to be a no-tweeze zone imparted by my brow stylist but in the last two months, that has changed for a two reasons - $ and my girl moved. So as much as I can’t take the pain, I have been tweezing. The ones I had were old and did not grip well enough so I was in the market for some new ones and of course turned to the Godfathers, TWEEZERMAN. Fancy some of the new styles below!


Floral Print Slant Tweezers ($25)

Polka Dot Mini Slant Tweezers ($15)

Animal Print Slant Tweezers ($25)


I would recommend their Polka Dot Swarovski Crystal Slant Tweezers because I LOVE their crystals but not for something like this that needs to sit snug in my hand.

And if you are like me and hate the ouch of plucking, applythis afterward. All @ walgreens.com.



I really enjoy tweezerman products, I have a few in my make up bag right now...and it's nice that they have fun designs now, I used to feel like I was using my mom's products b/c they were so dull and "old fashioned". I like the new look!


I think my tweezermans were my first "top brand" beauty purchase way back when. My current pair is red. Maybe I can justify buying a few of the mini pairs in cute patterns b/c you always need tweezers right? Have you tried tend skin? It's stinky and stings a little but then your eyebrows feel all better after you tweeze!

Plush Junkie

I LOVE Tweezermans. I've had mine for about 5 years and they've only needed sharpening once! These are so cute though, I might have to upgrade from my plain silver pair.


The slant tweezers are my absolute favorite and I cant' wait to get a pair of these pretty ones.

Summer's coming and remember that in the right light, you can see those fine hairs that you don't usually see. Tweeze in good light so you're sure not to miss them.


I love Tweezerman tweezers! I like their new designs too.

joanna smith

I was just thinking the other day that my old tweezers are not working very well, they won't grasp the little eyebrow hairs that I want to catch before they turn into long ones! I think the Animal Print Slant Tweezers look fantastic and based on what I have heard about Tweezerman tweezers they not only work effectively and are fantastic, but they last forever! Your beauty routine should be fun and enjoyable and the fun and cheerful designs of these tweezers make it seem like less of a chore and something to be happy about, the animal print makes me feel uninhibited about what I can achieve and they are really cool to see on my bathroom counter. Love them!


OMG too cute! I love the Swarovski ones, you're right, those are so sweet. I love a little "bling" in my makeup bag. Plus, Tweezerman tweezers are the best I've ever used, so they're worth the little extra money.


I need a pair of those. I have three pairs of tweezers and none of them grip the hair very well. I alternate between them and degrees of anger at them.


I am loving these! I have actually been needing a new pair of tweezers and now you have me thinkin I need these! What's better than plain ol tweezers? Pretty ones! :) Thanks!

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