Monday, March 23, 2009

Make Up For Ever Helps Me Get It Right

This is m-a-y-j-a-h (like Posh would say)! I finally figured out how to apply a full strip of false eyelashes!! As I mentioned around this time last year, I have had quite a hard time mastering this art and I have watched just about every youtube video, read tips from makeup artists over the years and nothing has consistantly seemed to work but I think I have it with the addition of one key step.

Here’s the deelio - Since my computer is in my diningroom and not near my makeup table in my bedroom, I have a lot of products around it that I play with to give me inspiration. I also keep a hand held mirror on that table so I can see how a lipstick or a swipe of eye shadow looks on me. Two weeks ago when I was watching this EnKoreMakeup video on, again, how to apply a strip of lashes, I couldn’t hold the mirror in my hand so I laid it flat on the table. This caused me to close my lids almost all the way while looking in the mirror. And lo and behold, this helped me get a good application. Looking down into the mirror that is flat on the table in front of me! That did it for me!



Now selecting the different styles is something I can do! Take the 5 new Faux Lashes ($15 @ MAKE UP FOR EVER just put out that are styled for everyday wear. Again, these are now all an option for me to wear and checked out all the ones on display at The Makeup Show this past weekend. And what would be ideal is if I had time in the morning to do a full face including lashes (I’m not a morning person so getting up early has been a chore everyday since I was very little. I have learned to accept this as an adult). I would probably wear the Lori, Genevieve and Monica. And I've also found that their glue that comes with each pack is REALLY great.

So are you one of those that wants to master this? If so, here are things I’ve found work for me and believe me when I say I’ve tried them all!

> Line the top lid where the lashes will rest with waterproof eyeliner likeSEPHORA’s new Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in the shimmering magenta of Purple ($12 @


> Curl lashes and apply mascara on your own lashes

> Lay mirror flat on the table in front of you and then apply the strip

> Let me know if this works for you!



I've never tried false eyelashes, but may give them a try with your tips. My natural lashes are nothing to write home about even with mascara. Are the full strips better than the smaller individual ones?


I tried to use separate false lashes... but to me at a closeup it would still look unnatural... I need to keep training!


I really have a hard time putting on lashes. I am glad that you do not need to apply any glue.


i wish i could figure out how to put these on... alas, i think i have too many of my own lashes and they always get in the way when i try to glue falsies on. or maybe i am just super clumsy :)

Stephanie V.

ok - you make it seem so easy. I tried to do this once and it was a nightmare. My husband tried not to laugh as I desmantled my misplaced lashes. Honestly, not sure I could try again after that. We won't even mention my shaky hand syndrome. I'm lucky to get eyeliner on both eyes that matches. lol

Jen Glamour

I have only tried using false eyelashes a few times but would so thrilled to learn more in this article and in the video. I really like the glamorous look on "Monica". Then the "Lori" look would be great for everyday. I think I will try the falsies more often now!

Dianne G

Reading this brought back memories from high school. I wore false eyelashes to a prom and part way through the night my date was looking kind of funny and uncomfortable at me. A few minutes later a friend was talking to me and laughed as she handed me her mirror. One of the lashes had moved and it was just below my eyebrow and hanging. I guess I had rubbed my eye and dislodged it. Oops! At that point we all had a good laugh. I am sure they have improved since then.

Rebecca C

Thanks so much for the tip, I have tried false eyelashes, and they were a pain to get on, I will probably try again with your tips!

Huguette E.

I've tried false eyelashes several times with no success, I guess I should keep trying because I love the look.


It works!! I tried it with some lashes I had purchased several months ago and was afraid I'd screw it up again so never used. I can't believe what a difference it made to look down. Looking down prevents the lashes from bothering my contacts, too. Thanks for the tip. Now to get that top liner straight....


Oh, lately I've been obsessed with my eyelashes and I don't understand why. I am constantly buying new tubes of mascara. I just love how graceful lashes look when they're longer, curvier and darker. I try to go for the elegant look, but I often end up with the "spider look" instead.

I'm still learning though!


OMG, JUDI, OMG, JUDI! I am soooo excited for you! don't you feel like a new door has been opened for you now that you can get those lashes on?? I don't apply them until after my whole eye is finished being made up - liner, mascara, everything! Yeah for Judi!


i, too, have tried and failed to master the application of false eyelashes. i'll have to try again, because they look SO great.


I *love* Make Up Forever faux lashes! I have the "Janet" lashes, and they're very dramatic but oh so pretty. I love the glue that comes with the lashes too, it's kind of pearlesque, so its easy to see where you apply the glue, and last but not least, I rarely ever have to "touch up" my lashes throughout the night, these bad boys stay put!

Emily O.

I'll have to try this technique- I'm awful at putting on lashes. I always seem to get one set on straight, and the other... not so much.

The Loris lashes look amazingly pretty and natural, too. I'm gonna get some and give this another shot.

eeohlin at gmail dot com

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