Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cybelesays Report on The Makeup Show

Ongina So The Makeup Show is in Los Angeles today and tomorrow. This is where those who work in makeup gather to hear about new techniques, products and developments in the industry as a whole. There were seminar’s-a-plenty like Spring Look Trends and Bridal to Airbrush makeup and FX.




And there were quite a few makeup celebrities in attendance. From Billy B to Scott Barnes to, who I got quite excited to see, Ms. Ongina from RuPaul’s Drag Race. She looked fierce!


Ok, on with the event. This was the first year I went and overall, I thought it was good. For what we feature on, I went in search of products that are coming out and lines to highlight. Unlike this year’s ISSE show, I didn’t see a whole lot of new products being rolled out but there were some.


Check out the highlights below!


Top photo of sponsor MAKE UP FOR EVER (would love to have this poster in my house!) and pics of special FX artists showing off their work.



So let's look at some products that got us excited!

  • YOUNGBLOOD's new Mineral Primer (face primer made of minerals? Gotta try this one!)
  • The many sets of MAKE UP FOR EVER's false eyelashes I bought (finally have the application down. More on this in a feature later this week.

So let's talk about Luminess Air! This is the first full range of color cosmetics (eye shadows, foundation, blush, bronzer) designed to be airbrushed on at home. Could this be the new trend? I have used and liked the Era Everyday Foundation from Classifield Cosmetics when it came out a few years ago so I’m familiar with the concept. I watched Luminess Air’s Marc Harvey transform show attendee, Griselda, from everyday lovely to luminous mamacita! Look at the way her skin glows!


  I really liked the effect on her eyes. So natural but chic.


Did I end up trying it? Yes, but I forgot to take a before picture so thank you Griselda for letting us shoot a before and after pic!

Since this way of applying makeup seems a little intimidating, they have an infomercial out, which I have not seen. The brand is also sold at your local Macy's, so you know it has to be user-friendly. Check out their site @ and to see pricing as it's really not that much for all that you get and let me know if you end up trying it!




Wow, this looks like it was fun. Would love to see that ONgina guy in a wig though. I think he would look better!


Awww wish I would have met you there! I saw that drag queen I loved it!


Hi Vanessa - Ongina is a little thing! But his makeup looked great. Wish he could give me lessons!

Paula W

This look like so much fun. Thanks for posting about it. I am trying to decide if I am going to go to the NY Makeup Show, and this makes it look like a lot of fun!


So THAT'S who that bald lady is..xD
I couldn't recognize her w/o the wig cos i've only seen one clip of her.


I wish I had the tools to do this at home. It looks really fun.

Rebecca C

Really nice before and after!I really would love to do this sort of stuff at home!


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